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Just Moved To Maricopa?
When you first move to Maricopa here are some good things to know!

Maricopa is a friendly town so walk
 outside and meet your neighbors right now.
Get up, go on!

See, We told you we're friendly.
 Second thing to do is get in your car and
 drive all over your new city. it's not that
 big but there are a suprising number of
 places, schools, businesses, parks, etc.,
 here that you should know about. Dont
 be afraid to look around.

 Ok last night you might have heard the
 train, dont worry in in a couple of weeks you
 wont even notice it so dont stress over
 that. Occasionally you will smell some of
 the cows that live near us, that doesnt
 happen all the time and you probably
 wont get used to it but it will get tolerable. The cows are slowly moving out and
the breeze only comes from that direction occasionally.

Make sure you attend the events in town. We just had the Salsa Festival and
 it was great. Go to the library, meet the mayor and other council members, play
 in the park, go to a high school sporting event, visit Ak-Chin Harrah's Casino, try
 all the restaurants, visit all the different shopping centers, meet the doctors and
 other professionals that are here to serve you.

You have in your hand the best tool or all of this, The Maricopa Community Directory & Area Guide. inside you will find maps. businesses, churches, non-profits and much more. You can also find it online at www.Maricopa2u.com

So, jump right in and become a part of Maricopa, Welcome to town!

Important Numbers!
Electrical District #3 520-424-9021
Southwest Gas 877-860-6020
Global Water 520-568-4452
Maricopa Domestic Water 520-568-2239
Maricopa Broadband 520-568-0778
Orbitel Communications 520-568-8890
Qwest 800-244-1111
Maricopa Post Office 520-568-2641
B & J's Trash 520-568-4760
Right Away Disposal 480-983-9101
Waste Management 602-268-2222
City Hall 520-568-9098
Police, Fire, Emergency 911
Non Emergency 520-316-6800
Motor Vehicle Express 520-568-9299
Chamber of Commerce 520-568-9573
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